Customized Wall Decal!

Play Room
Two years ago when we finished our basement, we were clear that one area in there would be kids play area. So when we got that done, I was looking for ideas to decorate it. Since the color of the walls in our basement was neutral beige, there was a need to add in some more color. There are no doors to the play area and it is open to the grown up space, so I did not want the walls to look cluttered. That is why I decided to get a cute decal for the basement that would be apt for a playroom but looks equally good from a grown up space. After looking around I came across this beautiful decal of kids on the swing

Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Decal -Playing Swing

picture from Amazon link

The decal comes with a boy and a girl. But since I have two daughters and one son, I got 2 of these decals. I had to plan out a little as I wanted to merge the two. I first put up one as shown in the picture above and then added the pieces from second decal to finish up with one more girl, some more birds and make my tree longer. I had to tweak a little but cutting around the leg and re positioning it to make the girl stand on grass instead of the original sitting position. It was still very easy to assemble. It took me around 2 hours from start to finish to peel and stick the decal on wall all by myself. And the end result is just a treat to watch. 

View from the steps
Added an extra branch here

used second decal to add this

Its a boy! Throwback blog

Time for a throwback post.
I wrote this post almost 7 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first daughter. 
I am soo glad all the people were wrong. 
Have you experienced this when you were pregnant.

Kids Quotes Journal!

Does this happen with you? When your kids say something that brings smile to your face and you wish you could freeze those moments. Well, freezing those moments isn't possible but how about freezing those words so that they bring smile to your face every time you read them.
Two years ago, my oldest daughter asked me “Mom, what is Bombay?” “Bombay is where daddy and I grew up”, I replied. “Ah, I grew up in your tummy!” she announced. I could not stop laughing. I did not want to forget these words. So at that very moment I wrote our conversation on a notepad. Since then, I have been writing down some of their priceless chatter.
Recently, I upgraded from a notepad to a journal so it preserves better.
Every time I feel low, I sit down with it and it is guaranteed to bring a smile on my face.
If you already don't have something like it, I highly recommend you to make one for the sake of yourself. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Something that is easy to maintain, works well. You can use one book for all your kids or different books for each kids. I like having to maintain only one book between all my children. Let me know if you have something similar.
What’s the funniest thing one of your kids has said recently?

iPhone 6 plus cake launched!

Ever since my husband got his first iPhone, he has been a big fan of apple products. So when Apple announced iPhone 6 and 6 plus last year, he was very excited.
When I learned that the new iPhone was launching just a day before my husband's birthday, I knew exactly what cake I was going to make for him.
That's how the idea to make the most daring cake came to my head. Crazy things we do for our loved
After doing a little research, I came up with exactly how I wanted my cake to look. I handmade a drawing on a paper to get an idea of the materials I needed. The icons I picked for my cake were the ones my husband had on his current phone. I also incorporated my husbands birth date and birth time on the clock and calendar icon.
Once I had that sorted, I proceeded to make my own Fondant and Modeling Chocolate. I used the fondant to make the icons and used the modeling chocolate to cover the cake. I had to dye the fondant in required colors using gel colors. I used white chocolate to make the modeling chocolate and left it as is.
The most important thing that I needed for this project was patience. It almost took me a week to make all the icons. I was only working an hour or so a day on this, trying to keep it a surprise for hubby and hiding it from the kids.
One thing that I learned while working with fondant was how much I liked doing this. It was as if I had being imported to my childhood and I was playing with play dough. Only this one was a little bit more intricate. I used so many random utensils and lids to get the desired shapes for icons.
On the evening before my husbands birthday, I baked a cake in rectangular Pyrex baking tray. The rounded corner of the glass tray helped get the curved look for the 6 Plus. I made a dense cake without layers for the required height. I covered the cake with rolled modeling chocolate.
Then carefully placed the fondant icons on the cake using very little water as glue. I used the edible pen for marking the small details. And this is how the iPhone cake was launched.
I have to say, it was very difficult for my husband to cut the cake. He wanted to frame it and save it for life. And for me, I still find it hard to believe that I made it.

Icons with fondant

Stick icons on cake with water

Use Edible pen for small details

iPhone cake - Launched 


First Blog Ever!!!

Technically, this is my "First blog ever”; but in reality it is not. I feel like I have so much to tell and I am always writing in my head. So much, that I end up feeling the need to have a blog which by the way, I have tried twice.
Yes, the first one was some 7 years ago. It was only open to my sisters. Yes, I am shy that way! 
And then the recent one was 2 years ago. That was open only to me. Yes, I am weird that way.
I put some posts on both of those blogs and did not follow up. At that time I blamed it on my lack of interest. But today I know the real reason. I know it because even after I stopped posting on the blog, I did not stop thinking about them. I always felt a need to pen down my thoughts. I know it was not the lack of interest but the lack of audience. It was hard for me to be committed to blogging since I was not accountable to anyone. Hence, I am starting a blog that is open to all. I am, by no means a professional or a good writer. I just love to share my thoughts. I am also prepared for all kinds of feedback, good or bad.
And regarding the past blogs…let’s keep them in the past for now. I will however think over and may be have some throwback posts in future.
Come back for my second post tomorrow!