iPhone 6 plus cake launched!

Ever since my husband got his first iPhone, he has been a big fan of apple products. So when Apple announced iPhone 6 and 6 plus last year, he was very excited.
When I learned that the new iPhone was launching just a day before my husband's birthday, I knew exactly what cake I was going to make for him.
That's how the idea to make the most daring cake came to my head. Crazy things we do for our loved ones..lol
After doing a little research, I came up with exactly how I wanted my cake to look. I handmade a drawing on a paper to get an idea of the materials I needed. The icons I picked for my cake were the ones my husband had on his current phone. I also incorporated my husbands birth date and birth time on the clock and calendar icon.
Once I had that sorted, I proceeded to make my own Fondant and Modeling Chocolate. I used the fondant to make the icons and used the modeling chocolate to cover the cake. I had to dye the fondant in required colors using gel colors. I used white chocolate to make the modeling chocolate and left it as is.
The most important thing that I needed for this project was patience. It almost took me a week to make all the icons. I was only working an hour or so a day on this, trying to keep it a surprise for hubby and hiding it from the kids.
One thing that I learned while working with fondant was how much I liked doing this. It was as if I had being imported to my childhood and I was playing with play dough. Only this one was a little bit more intricate. I used so many random utensils and lids to get the desired shapes for icons.
On the evening before my husbands birthday, I baked a cake in rectangular Pyrex baking tray. The rounded corner of the glass tray helped get the curved look for the 6 Plus. I made a dense cake without layers for the required height. I covered the cake with rolled modeling chocolate.
Then carefully placed the fondant icons on the cake using very little water as glue. I used the edible pen for marking the small details. And this is how the iPhone cake was launched.
I have to say, it was very difficult for my husband to cut the cake. He wanted to frame it and save it for life. And for me, I still find it hard to believe that I made it.

Icons with fondant

Stick icons on cake with water

Use Edible pen for small details

iPhone cake - Launched