Motion sickness

Summer vacations are here. That means lots of road trips. Road trips can be fun but not when you get motion sick.
My oldest daughter and I often get motion sickness while riding the car or a boat or even when travelling on an airplane.
While I suffer from headache, nausea and dizziness; my daughter has what might be called a severe motion sickness and most of the time ends up with a vomit.
It wasn't as easy to diagnose what she was actually suffering from initially. It took us quite some time to realize why our then 18 month old daughter was vomiting on a 15 min car ride.
But after the messy clean ups and looking back at all the incidences we concluded that it was nothing but motion sickness that was causing the uneasiness.
Although I know that there is nothing that can 100 percent prevent motion sickness, here are some ways I help my daughter overcome the discomfort.

Before traveling-

1. No Liquid-  If we have to go somewhere in an hour or so, that means no liquid whatsoever for her. After a lot of trial and error, we have come up with how much liquid topped with crackers/toast/cookies is okay for her to take before a not so long ride.

2. Motion-ease- Motion-ease is a mix of some essential oils that helps prevent motion sickness. You apply it on the back of your ear and the smell helps relieves the symptoms. I am not sure if it really works but I gave it a try as it is natural and has no side effects. And sometimes it helps in setting her mind up that she wont be sick as she has a medicine on.

3. Sea-band wristband-  Sea-band wristbands are acupressure wristbands that you wear on both your hands. They are natural as well. I can't really tell if they actually work but I have been using these bands on my daughter for school bus rides and short distance car rides. In past, she has complained of having dizziness while wearing them in a long car ride but has not vomited.

4. Anti Nausea Medication- Medicines like Dramamine and Ondem (used in India) have helped make long trips stress free and comfortable for my daughter. You take them around an hour and half before your travel and no nausea during the trip. I had consulted my doctor before giving these to my daughter and you should too.

During Travel-

 1. Candy/ Lollipop- We always have candies on hand. I keep them in both our cars, my purse as well as her backpack. Ginger candies are personally my go to for the headache and dizziness but they are a little spicy for my daughter. I have yet to try a DIY version of ginger candies on her. May be soon. Till then the little sucker stick is doing the job.

2. Front facing middle seat- The best spot for my daughter is in middle seat from where she can look at the horizon. I really feel this made a lot of difference.

3. Distract- Its all in the mind. Distracting her when she is feeling uneasy does help a little bit, I ask her random questions, play game with her or start a movie on DVD player to distract her. Avoid reading or doing anything that would put strain on your eyes which can cause headache.

4. Halt please- Taking a break and letting my daughter get some fresh air makes her feel a lot better. If halting is not possible, rolling down a car window also helps.

In case of Vomit-

1. Plastic bags/containers with lid/wipes- We always have hole-free plastic bags or container within my daughters reach. We have tons of paper napkins and wet wipes to clean up in case of accident. We also have some water in our car that might be not so good to drink but always handy for the clean ups.

2. Extra clothes-  In case the plastic bag has a hole (it happens) or she is too sick to aim properly, I always carry her extra clothes along. Clean clothes can make any sick child feel a tiny winy better.

3. Air-Freshener-  We have had our car smell like vomit before and that is why the Air freshener made it to my list.

Shark Cupcakes!

Shark Fin Cupcake

Recently, I made these shark fin cupcakes for a handsome little guy for his 4th birthday. I had so much fun making them. Here's how I made a shark fin and a shore on each cupcake.

Sand and Water

I started with baking the Vanilla cupcakes. While they cooled, I crushed some vanilla cookies and added some granulated sugar in it for the beachy sand mixture. I then applied the buttercream frosting of 1/3rd of the cupcake and dipped the cupcake in the cookie mixture (for sand). I then piped the waves on the remaining 3/4th of the cupcake using blue buttercream frosting with the petal tip. I tried to add a little color on one side of the piping bag to create this beautiful dark blue edge on the waves.

Shark fin using fondant

Beach Cupcake
To create the shark fin, I used the fondant. I dyed it grey to match the color of a shark. I rolled the fondant and cut it into a rectangle and further cut it into a triangle, as shown. Now using my hands, I lightly curved one side of the triangle to make it look like a fin. I stored the fins in the refrigerator till I was ready to use them to help hold its shape a little better. 
The end result looked amazing. The little ones had no fear swimming with the sharks. 

Foam it up

I am OBSESSED with foaming soaps. I use foaming soaps for almost everything. Not only are they convenient to use, but they stretch the life of the regular soap making it more economical option.
Store brought foaming soaps can be expensive but the DIY version is super easy to make at the fraction of the cost.
To make your very own foaming soap all you need is regular soap, a foaming soap dispenser and water. Yes, there is a specific dispenser for foam soap. I simply buy the store bought foaming soap to start with and then keep on refilling it. Just fill the foam bottle 1/5th with the regular soap and fill the rest 3/5th with water. Leaving the 1/5th room on top to help mixing and avoiding spills. Now close the bottle and simply rotate it up side down couple of times very slowly. Thats it, the foaming soap is ready to use.
The foaming soap works only with the transparent kind of soap and not the milky opaque ones. Check the example below.

Here are few ways I use foaming soap in my home. Please keep in mind that I am not endorsing any of the products mentioned in this blog. These are just the ones I use.

Hand Soap- Hand washing with foam soap can be soo easy specially with kids. It washes off easily as compared to the regular soap. I do implement a 30 sec rule where they sing abc song before they wash the soap off their hand so they get clean germ free hands.

Hand Soap
Dish Soap- This is my personal favorite. My sponges never get soaked in soap as I spray foam on the dishes directly and not on the sponge. It works great for tough greases too. Just spray a little foam soap on the soiled dish and let it sit for few minutes and you wont have to scrub. I said I am not endorsing any product but seriously if you get your hands on this spray foam dish dispenser from Method then please do try it. It makes dish washing fun. Kinda.

Dish Soap
Kids bath soap- Have you ever tried to take a shower using  shower gel without a loofah, then you know how difficult it is to wash off the soap. When my kids were babies and it was hard using loofah on them, I tried foaming their baby wash using an empty hand soap dispenser and boy was I impressed. I still continue to do so and I have never been disappointed. I am now tempted to foam their shampoo too. I will surely update you guys when I try that.

Kids Bath soap

 Let me know if you have ever tried store bought foaming soap or tried making your own and how do you like it.