13 Snow day activities for kids

Snow Day? Worry Not!
Here's the list of 13 snow day activities to do with the kids at home.

1. Fun shaped pancakes - Start your day making some fun pancakes with kids using the squeeze bottles. Pour your pancake batter in squeeze bottles and make some yummy and cute looking pancakes. How about making some snowflake pattern.

2. Play Video games/ Wii/ Watch Movie - I know, that's usually the last resort for the parents but if I fear any power outage due to the storm I let them have some screen time while we still have electricity.

3. Bake a cake - or cupcakes or brownie or make a no-bake dessert. Snow day is the best time to experiment making some delicious treats with your kids.

4. Snowflake Garland - Make Snowflake garlands out of coffee filters. There is no right and wrong in this craft and each snowflake you make turns out unique. Just fold up the coffee filters 6-8 times and cut up some shapes. Open it to find how your snowflake looks like.

5. Spa Day - My kids are too little for a spa but at home spa sounds good. Mix up some crushed fresh fruits like strawberry, banana or papaya with honey for a moisturizing face mask safe on kids skin. Exfoliate their feet with a homemade body scrub and paint their nails like MnM's.

6. Make Hot Chocolate - What is more satisfying on a cold day then a mug of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and some chocolate shavings. Yum!

7. Practice making some snowman indoor - We are no Queen Elsa to just built a snowman like this (imagine me snapping my fingers).Yes, we need to master our Olafs before we get out there after the snowfall and make our real snowman. How about making some little ones with playdough. Use buttons, small branches and ribbons to decorate them.

8. Board Games - We have tons of board games and each kids have their favorites that they insist on playing every time. Today is the day to play with those forgotten board games. If needed, change them up a bit so kids enjoy them. This also helps sort our the board games pile so we can truly decide what we can get rid of and what stays. Early Spring cleaning, huh!

9. Photo shoot - If I don't have to, I will never get out of my pajamas and change. How about plan a crazy photo shoot you have been wanting to do since a long time.Use some props or customize the shoot for a milestone birthday. These memories are best treasured as the kids grow up in no time.

10. Measure up the snow - 2 inches, 3 inches, 5 inches, 9 inches..... Oh man a foot! What? 18 inches!
Yes that will be fun. Make a snow measuring chart and let the kids keep track of the snowfall hourly.

11. Built a fort - Put some blankets over pieces of furniture and make a fort. Give kids some flash lights or glow sticks and let them have fun.

12. Jump start on your Valentines - This is a great time to start making valentines day cards and gifts for school friends. If you don't send those to school during valentines day then make some cards for friends and family.

13. Little inventors - Give your kids some card board boxes, toilet paper rolls, milk gallon, scissors, masking tape, markers and other more junk to create their own toy. You can help them create too. Some ideas- make a doll house, race car tracks, pirate ship, paper jewelry, etc

Snow day can be a fun day if planned correctly. Lot of activity ideas mentioned here can be free play too. The idea is to involve kids in different activities and make this day count. To check out what we did on snow day follow me on Instagram here.

DIY Jewelry dish with Polymer Clay

Jewelry Dish

There are lot of DIY gifts to make for your loved ones, most just end up in storage boxes or trash. And then there are some that you can use everyday and remember the unsaid words of love. This jewelry dish is one of those valentines gifts that is not just cute but also very useful. It is very simple to make and the charm is in its imperfection.

Here's what you will need to make the DIY Jewelry Dish

Oven bake polymer clay in Red
Gold gilding paint
Paint brush
4 pearls
Tacky glue
Rolling pin
Baking tray lined with parchment paper/silicone mat
Oven safe bowl
Round shape cutter (optional)
Oven (to bake the clay)


Knead approximately 2 ounce of the Polymer clay till it is mold-able. Now using the rolling pin, roll the clay in a round shape with 1/4 of an inch thick. Don't roll it too thin. If your shape is not roundish you can use a cutter with round shape to guide you.

Now place your clay on a upside down oven safe bowl to give a cupcake liner look.
Once you are happy with how it looks, bake it in an preheated oven at 275 degree F. for 15 minutes. After it is baked, let it cool for 30 minutes.

You can now paint the ruffled edged with gold gilding paint in a well ventilated area. Also paint the pearls with gold paint at this time and let them dry.

Once dried, glue the pearls on the bottom of the clay jewelry dish.

Let it adhere properly before turning it back right side up.

Your beautiful gift for your loved one is ready. You can gift it with or without jewelry in it.
Don't forget you can use this gift for loose coins, keys or any other trinkets too.
Look how beautiful my jewelry dish turned out.

Jewelry dish from clay

valentines day

Do It Yourself

My Little Pony Birthday Party - Rainbow Dash

2 years ago we celebrated my daughter's third birthday party, a my little pony themed party. I personally like having a themed party as it helps in giving all the planning a direction. My daughter wasn't much into all of the pony characters but she loved Pinkie Pie (yes, because it is pink!) and I wanted Rainbow Dash (for all the decoration options). So My Little Pony it was.

Check these DIY decorations we made for this party. This pastel colored balloon rainbow is perfect decoration for a little girls birthday.

These rainbow flowers are made from colorful gift wrapping tissue. They are very simple to make. In the center I cut out a piece from my little pony themed paper table cloth to cover up our frame.

tissue flowers

I used the remaining (side edges) of the same table cloth on this wall and placed a poster of My little pony Pinkie Pie in the center. This Poster is actually from the 'pin the tail' game that we were going to play in the party.

A closer look at the poster

I also set up a little table with fun stuff for kids. We had some bracelets and pony hair clips for girls and some sunglasses from party city for boys; all in different colors. And to add a little more pop of color added a jar full of MnM's in rainbow shades. Sorry for the crappy photo.

I got this rainbow tissue fan from party city too and it looks lovely on the inside of the front door.

After spending an evening trying to wrap those odd shaped return gifts, I gave up. Later, I found this idea on pinterest with brown lunch bags and gift tissue paper. It really turned out great and added a decor in itself.

And finally the cake, I had 2 cakes as you see. Blue frosting cake is the rainbow dyed vanilla cake (detailed post on Rainbow cake to come soon) and the white frosting cake is chocolate flavored. I used the My little pony toys sold at target as decoration on the cake.

All in all it turned out to be a nice 'my little pony' party on 'my little budget'.

Homemade Body Scrub for Kids

Sugar Scrub

It is that time of the year, when our skin gets very dry and we really want to exfoliate and moisturize it more often. The best way to do that is using a body scrub. With all that lathering of sunscreen and lotions, not only adults but kids too need gentle exfoliating. Most store bought body scrubs contain so many unknown ingredients and are really harsh on our skin, let alone using them on kids skin. Last year I made my very own moisturizing body scrub for kids. It is so gentle yet exfoliating and also perfect during winters as it leaves the skin feeling so soft and moisturized.
Its pretty simple to make. And all the ingredients are safe for the kids.
Here's how I make kid friendly body scrub.

11/2 cup Brown Sugar - I use brown sugar because I like its texture which is not very grainy
1/4 cup Coconut Oil - It is not very greasy and is perfect to keep the skin moisturized
1/4 cup Kids Body Wash - I like my scrub foamy. So I also mix in the body wash in my scrub. You could use any body wash you use on a daily basis
5-7 drops Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender has a calming and soothing property which is great for kids and it smells good as well. You could totally exclude the essential oil if you don't want it.

Mix all the ingredients mentioned above. The hardened coconut oil works better than the melted one. It mixes evenly and stores better.

Store the homemade sugar body scrub in the glass bottle and use it once a week. This also works great as face scrub or a lip scrub.

sugar scrub

Homework Caddy

art and craft caddy

Yesterday, I found this gem at Target's One spot (now called bullseye's playground) and couldn't pass it up. This is just what I needed to store my daughter's homework/ art and craft supplies. This has 6 compartments to hold different supplies and is also on a lazy susan so it spins. And best of all, it is only $3.

arts and craft

Check out how we organised it.

art and craft

homework caddy

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.